Tuesday, August 01, 2006

emotions running rampant.

This week has been full of emotions already. They started laying the floor on Friday! WHOOT! then they stopped after the underlayment was in, and Today they started laying the vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. It took most of the day to get that done. Oh by the way, they forgot to TELL me they were coming until 630 last night!

This morning, They tell me that the plumber was here to take out the hot water heater. They had a plumber come out last week and take out the heater, and then put the underlayment down then put the heater back in. During that time they tell me that the hot water heater only has about 6 more months until it too will blow. ARRGHHH!! THey also told me that if I could get a new one right away, they could install it when they took the old one out when the vinyl got applied. COOL!! I called SEARS and maxed out my Premier card and ordered a new 55 gallon electric hot water heater, the same size dimentions as the old one, so I knew it would fit. Sears said they would call when it came in.

So imagine my surprise when a DIFFERENT plumber comes today, to take out the OLD heater (again) so they could lay the vinyl, And he would be back tomorrow to put the OLD heater back in.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I explained what the OLD plumbers said, and the NEW plumber said well they went out of business. IN THREE DAYS???? Seems the State closed them down for code violations. and I was going to be out of hot water for a day. I called Sears, and then called bob at the cafe where he eats his lunch, and we made a mad dash to Burlington, 50 miles away, to pick up the NEW water heater.

We get it home, and unloaded, and the Floors plus dude calls and says whoops, we cant do that, because they have to do all kinds of "stuff" to the NEW heater to conform to code. I FUCKING LOST IT!!! I yelled into the phone how tired I was of dealing with this shit, that there was NO communication at all, and I had been asking. He took exception to that and said he HAD been communicating to me. I said oh yeah! Every three days you would come out and tell me the moisture content of my floor and say you would be back in three days, and then you stretched it to two weeks!! I also told him I just bought a new one, and I could not afford the installation fees. He hemmed and hawed while I yelled into the phone. (I'm telling you folks, I FREAKED!!! Bob's eyes got big and he choked!)

I told him that the plumber that told me he COULD do it for nothing was an employee of HIS company, as he contracted with them. and why should I have to bear the cost of it when it was not my fault? He totally agreed with me, and said he would do it.

Now I feel like a sack of runny shit, for losing my temper, my cool, my head and everything else, and screaming at him into the phone. Tomorrow the NEW plumber will be here at 1130 to install the NEW heater, and then on Monday of next week, they will start the laminate in the living room. WHEE!!!

And the reason I am so emotional right now is my loving grey cat "Chitters" who always sits beside me while I type is missing. He ran out the door yesterday morning, and he never came back. It has been way over 24 hours now and no sign of him. I am just heart broken. He was the kitten that chose me, as I turned in a litter of kittens I had fostered. He reached his fuzzy grey striped foot out of the cage and grabbed my pant leg as I walked by. I bent down, and immediately fell in love with him...He has been in my bed for 11 years, and I just dont know how I am going to sleep with out him purring softly in my ear. He comforted me when I lost Rudy and was sobbing into my pillow, He would jump up and give me kisses to tell me he was still there. He was such a love. Oh dear GOd please send him back to me.

I looked all over the neighborhood and did not sleep at all last night, I kept hearing him call to me. He has such a soft sweet little voice, and I just thought I heard it, but I did not. I have a feeling that he is in someones garage, and is afraid to come out of hiding. I have looked everywhere.

So right now my emotions are right on the edge. I will get over it I know, but I was not expecting this. I want my Chitter Babies back! SNORF!! And how am I going to finish my afghan with out him on my lap? How am I going to have my coffee in the morning with out him begging for a saucer of cream? How am I going to open a piece of cheese with out him right there begging for a bite. I gotta go blow my nose...

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