Monday, August 07, 2006

And so it starts...

After 3 months of living on subflooring, and not being able to clean house, (ever tried to sweep subflooring? Everything sticks to it) the floor guys are here starting on the great room laminate. YES!!

they came last week and put in the vinyl in the kitchen utility room and bathroom, so those three rooms look wonderful. Today they are moving furniture and laying flooring!

This weekend my wonderful, strong,energetic friend from high school, Barbara, came over and we painted the great room and 1/2 of the ceiling, (ran out of time.) so we had all of the furniture pushed into the middle of the room. Barbara is short, so she could climb her wonderful painting ladder and reach the ceiling easily, so she did the edges, and I sat in my chair and put an extension on the roller, and I did the middle with the roller. You can not imagine how much better the living room looks.

I had painted the room yellow 2 years ago, and decided to change the fireplace wall to terra cotta, which I did, but it clashed! SO I tempered it down with some of the yellow from the room and it is PERFECT!!! Then I wanted something to tie it together, so back the Sherwin Williams and the wall paper books I go, And find THE PERFECT wallpaper for the border around the ceiling and the complimenting paper for the kitchen! Should be in next week, and I will have help putting that up too!

Once the laminate is in, then they will move everything out of the bedrooms and lay the carpeting. I am getting so excited!! I started to pick up the phone and call some of you and tell you how excited I was! but it was midnight my time, and thought you would all HATE me if I woke you up. ;)

By this Weekend, my house should have flooring in all of the rooms, and the furniture should all be in place finally!! Once everything is finished, wallpaper in, and up, I will take pictures of my beautiful new house!! I am starting to quiver...


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