Tuesday, August 15, 2006

THis and That...

Everybody be sure to go wish Kim at Jazzi's Place a Happy Birthday! She has had a really rough year, and needs some kind words.



In other news,

Tim called tonight. He is at Olympic COrrections Center, ANd he says it is just beautiful up there. Yeah I'll just bet it is...smack in the middle of the Olympic National FOrest. He did get with Department of Natural Resources, and he is so happy! He says "Mom, the gate isnt even locked!" Uh Yeah TIm, that is called TRUST. AND DO NOT VIOLATE IT! THere were 7 yeams that just came back today from the Spur Peak Fire in Eastern Washington. It is the biggest wildfire in the US right now. He cant go until he passes his PT test. Has to walk 17 laps with a heavy pack, in 40 minutes. Should be able to do that.

He said he has 5 changes of clothes and new boots! What ever makes you happy Son. Remember, you need to want to get away from there when your time is up.

It sure is nice to talk to him every week though! That will change when he gets out. I am after all just a MOTHER!

I am going to try my hand at wall papering my kitchen. I got the wall paper and the borders, and there is not a lot to do, but since I have not ever done this before except for the borders in my bedroom, This should be fun! It sure wastes a lot of paper when you try to match the pattern though. There must be a better way.

The weather is sure acting funny this month. It is warm and dry, hardly any rain at all, but it is COLD in the wind! And as soon as it gets dark, the temp drops fast. Last night I heard the ships in the Strait honking every few minutes, so the fog must be rolling in too. I have a feeling that September is going to be a real Fall, with the leaves turning quickly, and an early frost. We seem to be having our heaviest frosts before December, and warmer after December. SO strange. I would like to see a lot of snow though. It has not snowed very much at all since I retired. And I would like to wake up and see it and know that I wont have to get up and go to work in it. Just sit and watch the birds.

Well back to the wall paper.

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