Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Well I could have told it was raining without even letting the dog out to pee. It took me 30 minutes to upload this picture to blogger! Every time it rains I have a HELL of a time staying on line! I get kicked off every 30 seconds! I even had the phone company come out and replace the line even though they said it did not need it.

ANYWAY...It is finally raining!! enough to get the deck wet anyway. I hope it continues! We need it so badly!

I did something today that I have not done in a long time...I sat in bed and read a book. I was half way through the book The art of Mending by ELizabeth Berg. IT started really slow and then it got to the point that I wanted to get it finished to find out what the big SECRET was. It was ok, a bit anti-climatic and I thought it ended strangely. But it was good. ANd I actually sat in BED and read until 1:30 PM!!

I got out of bed, got dressed, finished my coffee, and moved to the office, where I sat down and have not moved for several hours. I found some software I had forgotten about, Scrapbook I have been playing with it for the whole afternoon! I also was printing out and photoshopping my SIL's family pictures so I can finish her scrapbook. SHe came over tonight to verify that a picture I had on my disk was actually her family and not Rusty's in-laws...IT was Sherry's. We were talking about her writing down her memories so I could include them and she got the funniest look and said I dont have any memories of my childhood.


How can you NOT have memories of your childhood. SHe is afraid that she might be repressing some bad memories. I told her that she should talk to her Mom. If she is, it really isnt gonna do her any good to find out about them, other than to find out about them, As she seems to be a pretty well adjusted woman. SHe has stayed with my brother for 30 years. (ummm maybe i better rethink that last remark)

She says she doesnt think there was anything bad that has happened, but she just does not remember. Never had any reason too I guess. I remember LOTS! good stuff and bad stuff, and minutia!! I remember the sack that I kept my rock collection in when I was 7! And the tupperware container that I kept the caterpillar in so he would make a cocoon.

So anyway, I told Sherry that I can continue with her scrapbook, but she should ask her Mom to write some time lines or something for her book. Her Dad, who her mom divorced when Sherry was 13, has sent a full family history from his side, but no pictures! Her AUnt on her Mom's side sent in 7 pages of research on geneology, but NO PICTURES!! I have a whole cruise chest full of pictures of my family, and my ancestors! I have pictures of my great grandparents! I guess some families just dont put stock in remembering. How sad!

I have to get her book finished, so I can finish other unfinished projects before this year is out. Like finish wallpapering the kitchen. and finish painting the trim in the living room, and finish painting the deck. Then I am almost finished completeing my unfinished projects year. I have tons of stuff to do, but I cant start any NEW things until I finish all the ones I have started! I keep this up and I will be booted out as president of the Procrastinator's Club!

Cant have that!

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