Thursday, August 10, 2006


WHOO-HOO!!! I have FLOORS!! real live honest to goodness floors in all the rooms!! Brand new floors in all but one bathroom, and rugs that still have that new house smell!! Right now Sadie and the cats are sniffing everything over, making sure it is really thier home again.

And as the way things have been going, the Floors Plus people did NOT tell the carpet layers that they were to move everything out and back in. SO they moved everything out into the great room, layed the carpet, and then moved just the big pieces of furniture back in again, and I guess I am to do the rest! I really dont care! At least I will know where everything is and I can remember what all I still have! THere is a lot that is going to the crap shop! I have an old dell computer 486 SX that runs at 26K anybody want it? SLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW!I dont think it even has 1 gig in the hard drive! I think it is too outdated to be any good to anyone at all!

SO I will be putting things away, and dusting furniture, and trying to find pieces to pieces to get my tv's back up and running. You noticed the first thing I got running was the Puter! ANd the office! No dummy me!

THis is where I could use a couple of grandkids...they could fetch and run for me, while I sit and put away. GOt any to spare?

NOw to go find the dust mop!

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