Sunday, August 27, 2006

Damn Michael Chiarello!!

I Just absolutely ADORE Mikey!And since I now get fine Living Channel also, I get to watch two of his shows a day. THursday he was cooking t-Bone steak on the grill. It was the BIGGEST t-bone you have ever seen! It had to be 3 inches thick! and Must have weighed 4 lbs! He was telling how to grill it so it would come off JUST RIGHT, THat you should NEVER cook a steak any more done than Med Rare. (I like mine hot, but mooing!) He gave a good close up so you could see the juiciness of the steak, and he put a garlic butter spread on it. OH MIGAWD!! I was wiping drool off of my chin. I called my sister to see if she wanted to go out to dinner because I wanted a steak. I did not get ahold of her in time. She had already taken her Bra off and scratched. (And you ladies KNOW that once you do that, you are done for the day) So I had a sandwich.

Bob came over on Friday morning and wanted to know what I wanted to do that night. (Date night ya know) I told him I wanted to go someplace that had a good t-bone steak. He said "Well the Tyee has Prime rib tonight" No, I want a t-bone steak! SO he pointed to the garage and said "dont we still have some in the freezer?

I went down and looked and we did not have 2 t-bones we only had 1 and several top sirloins and about twenty labeled O-Steak. So I pulled out a chuck Roast and the two steaks, he chose the roast. SO I fixed it and it was good, but it sure was not a t-bone steak!

Saturday night he brought over fresh right of the boat Halibut steaks, and said Here, we can have Surf and Turf. SO I grilled the steaks and the Halibut, and pulled out my Weber Cookbook and tried a recipe for the Halibut. OH MAN WAS IT EVER GOOD> And the T-bone, Which I laid claim to, giving hom the sirloin, was to die for also. I also made some sliced Cucumbers with sliced onions soaked in red wine viegar and chilled. That was the sum of our dinner, and both of us were happy campers.

I also made an angel food cake, and poured blackberries over it for dessert. We called it a night early, and went our separate ways, Me to my bedroom, and him to his tree house. Both fully sated and relaxed.

Michael may have started something but I darn well finished it!! (BURP!!)

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