Saturday, August 12, 2006

TA DA!!!!!!

Sadie is showing you the new Kitchen Floor!! (Does not show the dirt!!)

This is the Great Room floor, Pergo Laminate, with everything I own plopped right in the middle of it...I am still putting things away!

This is the Utility Room with the offending Washer hose replaced and the New Hot Water Heater installed!

Once again Sadie is showing you how great the new carpets are, she is rolling on them to show her approval. (and also to wipe off some DOg stank on them)

So Once everything is put away, which should be by Monday, then I will be around to every ones blog and say hey! I appreciate the fact that you all are still stopping by. I guess I am like a soap opera huh! Always wonder what is gonna happen next.

Barbara will be here this afternoon to finish painting the LR ceiling, and help me put away things. I dont know what I would have done without her help and her PUSHING me to get it done. I needed someone like her in my life!! I just wish it had not taken the death of her husband to put us back in touch with each other.

So, on to putting crap away! I need a dumpster out front, because there is stuff that I have kept that I have no idea WHY> and it is going away!!

DOWN SIZE NOW people. It is so nice!

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