Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I swear it is Fall already!  It is only the middle of August, and the leaves are turning and falling !  The grass is dead, from the heat last month, and now the nights are getting cooler and the fog is laying out on the Sound, making the  days feel cooler too.  

I sit up high, and the wind whooshes in from The Pacific, narrows as it pushes through the Strait, and smacks right into my house.  This morning we woke up to rain, and wind, and even Sadie stood at the door and said “Nope, don’t have to pee that bad” crossed her little legs and went back to sleep.  

I have had Bea out on the deck during this flooring, and this is the first rain she has ever experienced.  Poor baby Bea Bunny!  She has a nice full long coat of wool to keep her warm though.  I make sure that she has shade and half of her cage is covered, so she can stay dry if she needs to.  Sadie is out there right now laying beside her cage, and communicating as only dogs and bunnies do with each other.  I would love to see just how Sadie would act if she was let loose, however I fear she would be Lunch!  She bounces and plays chase with the cats, but I think Sadie would be way too rough with her.  I will bring her in after the carpets get placed, and she can then run and play to her hearts content, and she will love that.  It has been a rough 3 months for all of the critters, as their home and their routines have really been put to the test.

Bob will be over this afternoon to help me move all of my bedroom furniture into the great room, as that part is my responsibility.  I opted to replace my bedroom rug along with the other rooms, even though that is the only room that stayed dry,.  The carpet needed it and I could get a 15% discount if I did it at the same time as the rest of the house.  I had to have the old rug out, take up the tack strips, remove the baseboards, and clear out the furniture.  SO I will.  

The rug people will do the other two rooms I assume.  The Great room floor is only minutes from being complete.  He is out of transition strips, but that will be here tomorrow.  I still have a ton of work to do, as everything from this room and the Library were stuffed into any space they could find, and now I have to put everything back.  Mean while all the books and shelves from the library will have to be put in the middle of the great room.  

Bob’s well, or pump went South on him yesterday, so he has been coming over here every morning to shower and get ready for the day.  And his hot water heater went out on him too.  We have this cloud hanging over us I swear.  I sure hope it clears up soon!!


In case anyone out there would care to send a little good cheer to an inmate,
Tim's address is:

Tim CHandler 813840

Olympic Corrections Center
11235 Hoh Mainline
Forks, Wa. 98331

He wont be there for about a week. He would love to receive any mail at all, but I cant guarantee that he will write back. (I am just his mother, so maybe he WILL write back to ya'll)


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