Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Update on TIm

Tim called this afternoon, to let me know that he still has not had word that my Visitation application has been approved yet. It takes almost 6 weeks to get it approved.

He did tell me that he has been evaluated and found to not be a violent criminal, (we KNEW that) and that he will be moving to Olympic COrrections Center sometime soon. They do not tell you when it will be because they keep it a secret for security sake. I guess I can see their point. WOuld be nice to stand on the road and wave as he goes by though.

At OCC he will be able to work with the Department of Natural Resources! Exactly what he was hoping for! He also said he will be geetting treatment for his addictions there too. SO he sounded really upbeat and excited. He has been working in the kitchen for the past week, which makes the time fly by, and that is a good thing.


and they laid the great room floor today and will be back tomorrow to put the base boards back up and the transition strips in. THen Thursday it is the carpet guys!!
Oh it looks sooooo NICE in here now!!

Phyllis was talking to a guy at the meeting she went to on Camano, and he had a flood too, in February, and STILL has no floors. But his was the Ocean! Big winds little house on the beach, LOTS of water. I guess I should be thankful huh? I really am! REALLY!!

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