Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nosey Neighbors...

When I moved into this neighborhood 13 years ago, I was the youngest one on the block. I was 47! THe rest of the neighbors were senior citizens, and kept pretty much to themselves except for my next door neighbor Lea. She and I went to school together in Jr. High in Hawaii! We did not know it at the time, but we were talking and discovered it.

Through the years, the senior citizens have either moved or transitioned out of this world and into another. During the 3 years I was gone, several new houses were built, filling in the empty lots. I moved back 6 years ago, and since then the neighbors on the left side of me have changed twice, the ones across the street have changed three times, and the ones right over there twice. I still have the guy across from Lea, and of course Lea that still are the same.

The couple next door is 23, active duty Navy with two small sons. The New people across the street have two or three little kids and the ones in the new house that park their cars in the garage, must have a new baby, because I see baby diapers in the trash that the crows throw all over the neighborhood.

Other than that and Lea, I know nothing about my neighbors. Phyllis told me not to encourqage the new people across the street with the two little kids, as she knows them from church.

THe lady came over the day after she moved in, to borrow my can opener as she could not find hers, so I loaned her mine. THis was three weeks ago And I had not seen my can opener since...until today.

My SIL SHerry came over to help me clean, and she drives a white van just like Phyllis'. I am sitting at the computer typing away and I hear a knock at the door. Sherry is in cleaning the kitchen, so I went to the door.

IT was the lady across the street with a small child in her arms, and in his little fist is my can opener. I said Yes? and stood in the door as she opened the screen and started to walk in. I stayed right there while she said, "We brought your can opener back." (finally) I smiled and took it from the kid who did not want to give it up. He was really cute, except for the snot running down from his nostril onto the hand that he had stuffed into his mouth with the can opener tightly clasped in it.

Mom then stuck her head around the door and peeked into the house, "oh pretty" she says commenting on the new floors. I did not want to invite her in as I was busy and so was Sherry, but she really wanted in bad. I stood my ground and kept the door half open. SHe says " I see Phyllis' is here" No says I that is my SIL's Car, and she kept trying to look around me to see if I was telling the truth. Sherry was in the kitchen oblivious to the uninvited guests.

I still held my ground as She really tried to push her way in. I politely told her that I needed to get back to my work, and she left. (WHEW)

I like to know who my neighbors are, but I have never been one to become really close to them. Learned that lesson a long time ago, when I was newly married. I like my privacy, and I really dont want snotty noses all over my house.

So tell me, are you really close to your neighbors?

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Mini Me said...

I'm one of those new ones who has been lurking lately, so I thought I would delurk for this one and introduce myself. I actually found your blog when doing a search on washington (I live in Colorado but my dream is to move to the beautiful NW). It's been fun reading your blog!

As for neighbors, I'm just like you. I am friendly but would prefer my privacy. Years ago I moved into a new place and didn't realize I knew my neighbors until after I moved in - it was a bunch of guys who would randomly drop by, sometimes after 10pm! I felt like I was being watched by them, they would always ask where I went, etc. Drove me crazy! I now live in a gated community and I love it :-)

Have a great night!