Sunday, August 13, 2006


I did a big fat NOTHING today! IT felt soooo good. My back has been just killing me, my arthritic knees and my torn ACL's have been really hurt city too. Last night, my feet hurt! deep inside the foot, and my toes were so sore. Arthritis is the shits folks! I am so stiff and sore, and ache in joints I did not know I had. I turned up the temperature on the hot water heater, and I took a HOT HOT bath. Hot as I could stand it! SO hot, I was afraid I would scald my @$#% when I sat down! (but Hells Bells it has not been used in so long it prolly has atrophied so I couldnt feel it anyway)

I lay there in the water until it cooled off and steam quit coming off the water. I was beet red, but it felt so good! My muscles all relaxed, and I felt like a wet noodle when I got out! I rubbed aspercreme on my feet and kneew and back followed by Mineral ice, took 2 excedrin PM and lay there on my tummy reading the latest Nora Roberts book. I was soooo relaxed.

THis morning, I did not even hear Bob come in for his shower. Sadie did not even bark when he pulled into the drive way and unlocked the front door. We were both just POOPED. I stayed in bed until 9:00, got up made a pot of coffee, called my daughter, and then got dressed. I went out to get Cat Food, came home and took a nap.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. MY HOUSE IS BACK TOGETHER!! and it's CLEAN too.

So now I am checking email, reading my comments, and then I am heading back into the bedroom to finish ANGELS FALL.

I noticed several new people are visiting my blog, But they are not commenting. I wish you would. I like to meet new people. and Carla, and ML/TX I lost your emails, so I can not say hi! Please send me your email, and if you could, your snail mail addresses. I like to send Birthday cards out to people that are regular readers, but I dont know all your Birthdays. Send info to dreamer(at)galaxynet(dot)com I will then be able to drop you a line every so often.

Flax, are you still reading even though you quit blogging? Let us know how you are please. Wanda, get your butt back on line! Dorothy, are you OK? last I heard you were having tummy pains and were going on vacation.

I will try really hard to get around to all of you this week, in between keeping my new floors all clean and the house neat.

I start a new show tomorrow also. OUR TOWN by Thornton WIlder. I will be producing it.

Time for bed. See ya!

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