Friday, August 25, 2006

Change of plans...

After taking a good hard look at the length of the trip and the fuel gauge, and my bank account, I have decided to wait until NEXT weekend to go see Tim. If I miss the ferry or get to tired to drive back, I would have to find a motel room, and today I cant afford it. I get paid once a month, on the first. SO I will wait until then. It is gonna cost me a whole tank of gas and two ferry fares of 15.00+ not to mention food and room. So, I went to Albertson;s instead, and spent my last few pennies on food to last until next weekend.

I really wanted to get away this weekend, but I just can't. I also am not sure that Tim is actually there! There are 6 wild fires growing all over the state, and he was gonna try to get qualified to go, so He may be gone already. I sure would not want to get all the way over there and find out he is on a fire line in Spokane! That would really tick me off.

I am not feeling 100% anyway, so I think I will just chill out this weekend, relax, finish my book and just putz in the yard.

Might even rent a good Chick Flick! Popcorn and diet rite, and a good movie, YEAH!

I'll go over next weekend...sorry Tim!

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