Friday, January 26, 2007

What a beeeuuutiful day!

I woke up very late this morning, flat on my back which is unusual for me. Got up to fix a pot of coffee and get dressed. I had nothing clean to wear! I had all my laundry done, but Today is Friday, date day, so I needed to wear something besides a tee shirt and jeans. I found 1 silk blouse in the back of the closet, did my he=air and hit the road.

As I drove out of the developement and hit the open fields around the Navy auxillary Field, I saw the mountains. BRIGHT white in a sea of bright blue sky! No smog, no fog, no clouds, just clear blue and white. It made me want to just keep going! I didnt though, I stopped in Oak Harbor.

Turned in My dry cleaning, went to the Playhouse to make some copies for Rusty and then hit the bank to make a much needed deposit.

Once I had my chores in town down, I just drove around enjoying the beautiful weather. It was cold, only 38F. but it was clear, and the sun was so bright after all the gloom of the past several weeks, that it hurt my eyes! I had left my sunglasses in Bob's truck yesterday, so I was sun blinded. I can't take the bright sun very well at All. I make a great mole.

There are tiny green shoots sticking up out of the ground everywhere, letting everybody think that Spring is here. The crocus' are the first ones to bloom, and they are gonna be out before long! It absolutely amazes me the way that nature can say " ok, I've had enough of this cold shit, time to brighten up the world" and then do it. I have seen the blossoms on the fruit trees all out too early and then a cold snap hits and the fruit wont get a chance to set up for the summer. But some how, those old trees just keep bouncing back.

I passed a pussywillow bush today that was all out and almost blown, but my pussy willow is just sitting there looking like a dead bush. I really think I am going to cut it down this year. I hate to, because I keep thinking that this will be the year that it pussy's. However....I might cut the branches off and stick them along the outside of the back fence, and that way if they root, like they should, I will have a good dense green buffer in case some one builds back there.

Tomorrow I plan on getting out there in the back and getting the flower bed ready for early color. I can put pansies and primroses out there and then go right into the petunias, and other sowed seeds.

I hope we have a nice spring this year, last year was wet and late, and then we had a hot dry summer. I would like a warmer spring and a cooler summer this year, we shall see. guess the rest of the country just got slammed with winter finally. Hope you all are safe and warm.

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