Saturday, January 13, 2007

January snow!

I just love the snow! It is so pretty out there, And it is so very unusual for us to get snow, of a significant amount, and then have it turn bitterly cold, and clear! We have had cold down into the 10's f. and for two days the skies have been crystal clear, making for beautiful days! The roads have been very icy and bad, but I stayed home until I knew the roads were drivable.

Standing out on the deck while Sadie did her thing, I looked up, and the moon had not come up yet, and the stars were hanging low in the sky, twinkling like you could reach up and touch them.

AS I drove into Oak Harbor yesterday, the sun was just setting, and as I was heading east, the Cascades and Mt Baker were turned a bright vivid Pink! I tried very hard to get a picture, but some ass-hole was right on my tail, and I could not pull off and get a good one. I saw pictures of the Comet on the news, so Today we were down at Ft Casey waiting for the sun to set, so we could get a good view, and wouldn't you know, there was a cloud bank coming in and blocked our view of it. As soon as the sun was down and the comet was gone, the clouds cleared up! BAH!!!

Tim called tonight, and said that he would have called yesterday, but he was working down the coast planting trees for the Dept Of Natural Resources. He is planting 300 trees a day. He feels real good about that, and seems to be doing good. Time will tell.

Well now that I have posted, I think I will try to go back to sleep. I hate this nap taking business that seems to be my nights lately. sleep for an hour, wake up, awake for two hours, sleep for 3 hours up for some more. ARRGHH!!

Might snow again today! WHoot!! I am really loving it. Especially when the power stays on.

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