Friday, January 05, 2007

Still Here...

I have been so very busy the past few days. So I have not even had a chance to read blogs. I have been working on a project for a blog friend that i have never met, and it has taken quite a bit of my time. I am at a stopping point in the project, and until she tells me she needs more, I think I canput everything away.

Last Saturday I got up at day break, and caught the 2nd ferry off island to go see my Son. I stopped at Mc D's got my usual Sausage buiscuit with egg and cheese and hit the highway. I made pretty good time this trip/ I left Pt. Townsend at 930, and got into the Corrections Center at 12:00. I did not stop to sight see, nor did I take the wrong road this time, so The time was good.

The weather has taken a real toll on our state, and it really shows once you get out into the wilderness. There must have been 1000 cords of wood laying along the highway, where the power crews have cut the trees off of the power lines. You can see the dents in the barriers along the road where they had fallen across the roads and landed on them. THe wood is not cut and split, but is just laying there, I assume once the weqather has all calmed down, someone will glean the wood off the right of ways. Wish I had a strong back and a big truck!

Driving along highway 101 along Lake Crescent, waterfalls were running fast and furious right off the cliffs, across the road, and into the lake. Usually the weather is colder up high and the waterfalls are just a trickle, because the snow has not melted yet. With the 2 weeks of rain we have had since the snow storm and the wind storms, the rivers are running high, and you could see the extent of the flooding along the Bogaschiel and Hoh and Sol Duc Rivers.

We have more wind storms coming. and in between the wind storms, we have rain! whee. The Weather PErson on the news Says we have not been this wet in YEARS.
I turned onto the Hoh Mainline Road, and the fog and mist and drizzle was laying low over the road. THe Mud was blowing up onto the car and I went through a whole bottle of window juice on that trip.

Tim looks good, and is doing well. He is scheduled to get counseling for his addiction soon. They were going to wait until he was on work release,but there are enough men in there that need the classes that they are scheduling one this spring. GOOD!!! He has seen herds of elk, and deer, and a black bear, and coyotes, and squirrels and lots of birds that he can't identify. He does not take after his Mom in that respect. But he does have my love of nature and the wilderness.

He mentioned that they are out in these storms keeping the fire service roads cleared of fallen trees. When I asked what they did with all the wood, He says they just cut spit and stack it along the side of the road, and whoever wants it takes it. DAMN!!! Where is that truck! Since this is all inside the National Forest, I would imagine that you would have to have some kind of permit to remove the downed wood. I will have to check into that. We talked for 2 1/2 hours, then I left and headed home. I almost put the car into the ditch several times, because it was getting dark and I was sleepy. I should have pulled over somewhere, but I did not want to be out there alone in the woods. Next time I go I will make sure that I leave before it gets dark.

Sunday, as you saw, was New Years Eve, and the excitment in this house was overwhelming. NOT!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Monday we drove down to DOnnas and had a prime rib roast that Bill was given for his CHristmas Bonus. (???) It was really good, It was a nice visit, and then we left and drove back home in the rain.

Tuesday I had planned to watch the funeral, but since it came on so early here, I recorded it. I slept in got up and NO POWER again. SO I get out the lantern, and the radio, and prepare for a day of boredom. It was raining and blowing so hard that It was dark out,and I could not see to read. So I napped. And watched the birds. and napped some more.

Power came back on after 14 hours, and I turned everything off and went to bed. I got up and watched all of the recorded funeral program. ANd then the Grand Rapids Burial. It was well done. It really gets you when you see men that have been in that office cry as they say good by to one of their compatriots. Even seeing Rumsfeld cry was humbling. I have always liked President Ford.

Today I took the tree down, and made the best stew out of left over rib roast! Bob came over, and stayed to eat it, and even he said it was really really good. Got to give the credit to my new stove! I LOVE IT!!! So now I am in bed typing this on my lap top, because my desk top is ready to die. When I get my tax return back I plan on getting that refurbished. Then I can blog walk alot more.

I hope you all are enjoying the new year, and that the weather has not affected you as badly as it has us. We might even get more snow this week. WHOOT!!!!!

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