Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am so COLD! I am chilled to the bone. I’m not sick, just COLD!! I have on a sweater and Cords, fuzzy socks and warm slippers but I am still cold. I am now sitting in my bedroom with my door shut and the heater on, and the window shut! (I NEVER close my window!) I also have the electric blanket on high. So now I have three cats 1 dog and myself lying on the top of the covers, trying to get warm. You know it is cold when the animals scoot you off your own bed so they can have the warm spot.

The weather has actually warmed way up. Almost into the 60’s today, but the house is COLD. I walked around the yard today checking on the fence to make sure there were no holes being dug under it. (I heard coyotes right out side the yard all last night) As I walked I noticed the trees in Lea’s yard are budding up. Her plum trees are covered with buds! It is way too early for them. The tulips are poking their heads up through the soil also. Uh-uh! Not yet!! Gonna get cold again! It is really damp out there though, even with the sun shining. That is what is making it feel so cold. When our humidity is up, the weather is felt even more.

Another thing I am wondering about is the insulation under the house. When I had the flood on Mother’s Day, the workers ripped out all the insulation under the house, because it had gotten wet. They wanted the floors to dry out completely, and the insulation would get moldy and cause even more problems. I know for a fact that the workers came and put insulation back under the house, but I could not get under there myself, so how much they did and how well they did it I am not sure. I do know that my electric bill is up. Even with the power out ½ the time. It has been a lot colder, but I am usually not affected that much by cold. Guess I better get someone under the house to see just what is covered.

I suppose I could get my ass out and haul in some wood and build a fire in the wood stove, but we are under a stagnant air advisory, and can not burn fires unless it is your only source of heat. I do have wall heaters in every room, but I usually do not use them.

I was awake this morning at dawn, and actually got to see the sun rise, under the cloud cover! It was so pretty. And we are expecting sun for the next week or so. That ought to really fool the plants into a false sense of security! Spring is still a long ways off, and the Farmer’s Almanac says that we are due for more ice and snow and wind before the Middle of March. Whee!

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