Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow is so much fun!

It snowed today, about 4-5 inches, which as we have said before is really strange for here. It is so pretty though. SO I was looking at the weather pictures on our local tv station website and up pops this dog. I just LOVED it. How many times have you stood in the falling snow and stuck out YOUR tongue to catch a snowflake? I just never had seen a dog do it before.

It is going to get down into the teens tonight. Windchills down into the minus numbers too. BRRRRRRR

Bob came over and filled up my wood box for me, so if the power goes out again, I will still be warm.

Power came back on around 330 this morning. Woke me up so I got up and turned off everything. I went back to bed and layed there bright eyed and ready for the day.

GRRRRRRR. I want to take a bath go to bed, and go to sleep and sleep until morning. I have not done that in a long time. I wake up after an hour or two and lay there. I hate that. Now I am out of books to read until My shipment comes from Amazon, which should be tomorrow.

Man it sure is pretty out there! Smells good too.

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