Thursday, January 18, 2007

She's BAAACK....

I have a pair of varied thrushes that appear right after the new year every year. ANd they are back again this year. THey disappear as soon as it warms up in March or April, they can be heard, but rarely seen then. The have a really weird call. It sounds like they are whistling and humming the same one note.

The snow has finally melted and we have actually risen above the freezing mark! I have not hit 40 yet, but real close! I am due for some really sunny days, and then it can start all over again.

THe newscaster said last night that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting several more snow storms in Feb and a BIG WInter Storm in March! whoo! Dont know whether our power poles and trees can take much more. Looks like the rest of you finally got it too. Stay safe everyone. Remember, it is not absolutely necessary that you get out and drive in this mess. And if you do, be very careful!

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