Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting ready...

Well, We won't get our next storm now, because I went out today, topped off the gas tank, got enough propane bottles to last 4 days, enough D-cells to fill the radio twice, bought a new powerful flashlight, and more lamp oil. I stopped at the store and bought canned goods that can be heated on the woodstove , or quickly re-heated on the camp stove. I bought hot dogs and canned meat, just in case, and mac and cheese for emergencies too. I have wood in the house, and I say bring it on.

I am getting tired of the power outages though...I miss my computer and TV.

Sending out Christmas Cards to all my blog friends has brought me back in touch with TW and with Leslie USA. I still have not found Wanda though. I tried her old address/URL and saw that she had written a post on Dec 7 but nothing since.

TW is thinking about coming back but still isn't sure...WE MISS YOU TOO TW!!!! I think of her and the Hunter every fall, and wonder how many dead animals she has hanging in her back yard. LOLOL

Leslie USA is fine, and still has a house full of kitties. She said to say hello to everybody!

I have no idea what has happened to TX Oceanlover though. Nothing since Oct and has not answered emails either. Hope it wasn't something I said.

KB pops in every so often and comments, so we know she is ok.

One of the things about blogging is that you never REALLY know what happens to people that stop suddenly. Are they ok? Were they really telling the truth. I guess I get too involved with everyone.

I am Just such a worrier. It is my job and I do it too well.

Well gotta go finish battening down the hatches. They just popped on TV and said MAJOR STORM COMING> Duh! Been that way since Nov 1! Actually, this is really what our winters used to be like, it is just that November's rains really loosened the trees roots and the winds just blow them right onto the lines. I worry about the tree across the street, but it appears to be leaning more towards Lea's house. SO I guess I am safe.

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