Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crocus' are popping up

I headed out to actually try to work in the front flower bed today, but it was too cold still, so I opted to come back in and crochet. I did manage to pull some of the leaves off of the back of the beds, and there under all the detritis was a crocus popping through. One of the few that the squirrels did not get through the years. The tulips are up about 3 inches too. It is still cold out there, so I am afraid that we may lose some of our flowers if the weather keeps up. I am just amazed at this winter. We normally only have one or maybe two TOTAL weeks of cold weather, and the rest of the time it is in the high 40's and low 50's! But this winter has been un normal! Almost like a real winter! Maybe we will get a real spring too.

I have not seen Lola in several months. I am just wondering if the cold maybe got to her and she went into hibernation. I am hearing a LOT of loud thumping in the walls, I hope it is not Lola and her family hibernating in my insulation!! I will have to send some one under there to put out rat traps and poison. Not that I want to kill off Lola and her kin, but I do want the rats gone, and if they die not, I can seal up the entry to the crawlspace and be done with them. Or I just might set out a Hav-a-hart trap and catch the neighbors bastard cat that sits on my bird feeder like he is waiting for dessert, and throw him under the house, THEN seal it up. He could eat for months before he starves! kill two rats with one cat. ;)

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