Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sitting in the dark....

So I googled sitting in the dark to see if there was any picture that would help me illustrate what I am doing...and up pops Harrison!! IF ONLY!!!! SIGH!!

So without the company of Harrison, I am sitting on my bed and updating my blog with the candles burning, and the phone line only allowing me to connect at 26.6!!
My friend Rusty was over the other week, and was going to show me a webwsite to download a fun game....LOLOLOLOLOLOL

She goes into the office and says "what's wrong with your computer?" Nothing, says I, I have CRAP dial-up which only gives me 56.6 connection speed. She was stunned!!
Bitch lives in town, and has Comcast cable!! GRRRRRRRRR She laughed at my computer!

THen when you can only get to 26.6 it REally feels like you are back in the dark ages. DARK AGES!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

ah well....gonna snow tonight too.

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Heather said...

What happened to your comments? I hope you see this!

I've been watching it snow on and off all day today. Right now (8:00 pm) it's snowing pretty good!

I can definitely sympathize with you about not having power for the computer!