Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Season is chosen...

One of the ways that Plays get chosen to be presented as a season, is what we call PLAYDAY. During the year prior to Jan, a committee is chosen to read plays that have been submitted as possible contenders. These are submitted by the membership, or potential directors. We all read the plays and then report on whether or not we feel that it would be a good choice for consideration. Is it a family play, adults only, violence, language, too complicated for our stage. Etc. A lot of the plays that are submitted would be wonderful shows, but we have a very small stage, that is not conducive to big splashy musicals. There is no “back stage” there is only a narrow stairway down to the small green room. So a big cast is very hard to use.

We narrow all the submissions down to 5 musicals and 7 comedy/dramas and then the plays are given to each member of the playday committee to present to the membership. We are each given 12 minutes to “sell” the play, by showing a few minutes of several scenes, without giving the end away. It is up to us to decide how we want to do this…read a few scenes, use actors to read those scenes, show a video clip, play the music, or have a group on stage to sell the song from the show.

Playday is set for the middle of January each year, and the Members are invited to come to a lasagna dinner (5.00) and then stay and watch the presentations, and vote for their choices. Then the top 3 shows from each category are announced. These shows are then presented to the board of directors to finalize the season, taking into consideration a well-rounded season: Our elderly, religious season ticket holders, how many children parts are involved, The newer younger season ticket holders that are expecting fresher shows etc.

Last night was our Playday for 2007-2008 season.

I had the award winning play “LAURA” a wonderful murder/mystery to sell to the membership, and it was good. Unfortunately it did not get chosen. Neither did Man Of La Mancha, which was Rusty’s presentation. So, It looks like I will not be doing any shows after June.

I am tempted to see about an off-season show, either a children’s Christmas play or seeing if I could put Laura on without the complicated set that it calls for.
The six shows that did make the semi-final cut are:

HONK! The Musical
Guys and Dolls
Angry Housewives

Cooking with Gus
Social Security
The Heiress

So we shall see what happens when the board meets, and what kind of a season we will have to work with. Rusty has said she wont direct any that have been presented (DARN!!!) and I don’t know who else will be, so I may not be producing any at all.

Tim called this evening…Nothing new to say Mom. It’s raining, I’m planting trees.

At least he is healthy and safe

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