Saturday, July 01, 2006

16 days of no rain...

16 days of no rain!  This is unheard of for June!  Sposed to be wet until August!  But everything is firecracker dry!  A storm front brushed by us last night and a nice COLD breeze blew in.  I was laying there about 2:00 AM and I heard a ship in the strait tooting it’s fog horn.  It was waaaay off probably just making the turn from the Sound into the Inlet , and then on to the Strait and then the Pacific Ocean.  I listened and it was tooting and getting closer, I assumed it was foggy out.  It wasn’t here, it was just cool wind.  But down low on the water it was pea soup.  The horn got louder and louder and I though it was right in the driveway!  BOOOOOOP!!!!  Got really loud!!  Then suddenly silence.  
I guess it was foggy until they turned from Admiralty Inlet into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, just West of Port Townsend and then it was clear sailing.  It was so neat listening to it.  

Tonight the cove is alive with firecracker sounds, and Sadie is freaking out! I have her in the house, because I know if she could get out she would attack those fireworks in a heartbeat, Not the People shooting them off, She would go right after the Roman candles themselves!!    Remember New Years Eve Folks?  I am not going through that again!

I am about to go in and try rescuing my flat of strawberries, I found a site on the U of Ga. That tells how to salvage un gelled jam!  So wish me luck.  Might have to bottle it anyway.  I can borrow Bob’s extra beer bottles with the snap on caps.   Hey!! I might be on to something here.  HMMMMMMMMM

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