Tuesday, July 18, 2006

news on Kim and Dennis!

I sent an email to Kim asking if she was still at this address:  and I also asked if I could post her email so everybody will know they are fine.  She said ok!

Hi, Mary Lou!

Yes, still me!  I check email at kim@gopraise.net more often, though.  I'm checking email at work on my lunch break right now, thank goodness I can do that.  Can't do any blogwalking, though.  I don't think, anyway.  I don't really have a desk, so I'm just using someone else's computer.  Maybe when I get my own desk and my own computer, I might be able to do some visiting during lunch break. 
The house is still is the midst of unpacking.  I can't find my pots and pans!  I unpacked the boxes that were marked "POTS AND PANS", but there weren't any in them.  Then, when I was unpacking some things in our bedroom, I found a box marked "K&D'S BEDROOM" and found the food processor and other kitchen items in it!!  See what happens when a man packs the house! ;)
Dennis started doing Tattered Cloth again, at http://www.tattered-cloth.blogspot.com, but so far he's only had time to get online at the library on Wednesdays.  He's working his butt off, and pretty much gets home, eats, showers and goes to bed so he can get about 6 hours of sleep before he has to get up for work again. 
I am in a sharp learning curve here.  There's A LOT to learn, and I hope I can do it.  I thought it would just be looking at stuff on a paper and putting it in the computer.  NOPE.  My head is spinning from all I'm having to learn.
So far, the only time I've been able to get on the computer I've had to check on our bank balance and pay bills and maybe do a quick run through to check on you all to make sure you're all alive.  I haven't had time to comment or anything, and I hate it.  I really miss my friends, and life just sucks right now.  But I know it will get better, so I just have to get through the crap.
Good to hear from you.  I did read that Tim didn't get to do the lesser sentence that you were hoping for, and I was really sad to hear about that.  Maybe some of your blog friends can write letters of encouragement to him while he's serving his time.  That way he'll know people out here do care! Until later, Mary Lou!  Miss you!
Mary Lou,
Not a problem, go ahead and post!  We went out to eat because we found an Applebee's gift certificate left over from Christmas, so we brought along the laptop so we could check email. 
I think when we know that Dennis has a route, we'll see about getting internet.  Right now things are just too iffy. 
Yep, it's hot this way!  My glasses steam up when I go outside!

So all of you go and say hi at her email at Dennis’ blog !  I am sure they will be glad to hear that there are still people out there that care very much for them and wish them all the best!!  I know that I would not be able to handle it the way they have.  They are very special people!!

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