Friday, July 07, 2006

Odds, and ends...

This Spring was so cold and wet, that It hardly felt like we had any at all. Now it is almost 3 weeks into summer, and it is still cool! We had a week there of HOT and dry, and a spurt of 16 days no rain, but once again, we had a wet and cold and windy 4th of July. I go to bed everynight with 2 afghans a quilt and fuzzy socks on, just to keep warm. Bob even says he has been building a fire the past few days. This is JULY! BRRRRR!!! Maybe the poles are shifting? We had just gotten through saying that this fourth we might actually have warm and sunny! but that NEVER happens here for the 4th! And it didn't!

It has been gray and cloudy for three days now, and Thunderstorms! We had a huge one go over during the fireworks, and several people got pictures of lightning strikes and fireworks at the same time. Awesome pictures. Not me. I was in bed!

I go see Tim for the last time tomorrow. He will get his official sentence on Monday, and they will fly him to San Juan Island for that. THen fly him back here for the night, and then on to Skagit COunty early Tuesday morning, and there he will join others going on to Shelton to be processed. At Shelton, They will evaluate him and determine if he is elligible for the non-violent prison, and hopefully he will be put to work with the Department of Natural Resources. They take them up into the National Forest and they will plant trees, and do road work, and fight fires. He is really hoping for that. He is a qualified firefighter/EMT and really wants to get back into that line of work. It is so hard sitting here knowing that I can see him for the last time before he goes, but I can not hug him and wish him safe travel, like I always do. He may be 35, but he is still my little boy. It hurts so very much to see him go through this, but he brought it on himself, and he needs to pay the price.

The floors are still status Quo! I think it is all a plot to drive me totally bonkers! When I asked why they could not tear up the offending subfloor and replace it, they said, nope. Cant touch structural stuff. HUH? it is a 2'X6" piece right in front of the bathtub! and that is holding up the WHOLE HOUSE! scary huh?

Now they are talking about having a plumber come and remove the hot water heater, so the floors guy can remove the floor under it, and replace it, and then put the water heater back! Egads! I just think that somewhere along the line here someone is padding the books, and I was really concerned about that, but State Farm says no, I am a typical flood victim. My GOD can you imagine what those poor souls in LA and Mississippi have to deal with? Guess I ought to quit complaining and get back to bed.

I give up on this stupid spider solitare for the evening!!

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