Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All kinds of Critters...

Tim got his full 36 months sentence yesterday.  He was denied the DOSA (drug offender sentencing alternative) because he had a prior conviction.  So the prosecutor said NO!  I want to hammer this young man.  SO…..Right now Tim is off to Shelton Correctional Center, for processing, and evaluation and then hopefully he will get into the DNR program.  We shall see.  He is still very concerned about being as addict.  He is not an addict in that he cant stand to go without the drug of choice, but he knows if he does not get treatment, he will start in again as soon as he gets out.  He wants a 12 –step program for Drug and alcohol abuse.  Well I know who can send him some literature, and I am sure that there are programs in prison.  I woke up at 430 this morning, because he said that was when they would be waking him up to load him onto the bus and take him down there.  Lord, let this be a good thing for him!!

As I was lying there in bed this morning, waiting for the birds to start singing, I felt like I was being watched, so I looked out, and sure enough there were two big eyes staring right in the window at me.  Chitters jumped up on the window sill and growled, and jumped back down.  I just stared right back.  E.T. (the barred owl) was on the feeder again, waiting for the rats or mice or squirrels to pop their heads out of the grass.    I noticed that the wind last night had blown all the sunflower hulls away and there was nothing left in the feeder, so at 445 I was traipsing through the wet dewy grass filling the feeders.  The goldfinch are making their appearance more and more now, and the hummingbirds seem to be on their way back to Costa Rica.

The Plumber was supposed to be here at 10:00 this morning to move the hot water heater so they could remove the 18” square piece of wood that was left under it.  (they think somehow that is the cause of all the water…but it was not.)  Then they put it back and up on blocks until the floor is totally dry and the underlayment can go back down.  Then they will remover the heater and replace it right.  OH! By the way, just in passing he told me that the water heater was ready to go to.  And that if I replaced it now they could charge it all to the insurance.  (the labor only)  well I don’t have that kind of money.  And I had just told Bob that I was afraid it would go just as soon as I had the floors replaced.  I went on line and Sears has a 50gallon electric one for 249.99 plus tax and shipping, and if I can put it on my SEARS card, I will go ahead and get it.  I sure don’t want to have to go through this again!!  They did not get here until 330 this afternoon, timely huh!  

As soon as they left, I drove on in to town to get groceries, and Bunny food.  Just as I turned on to Wanamaker Rd, right by the town water cisterns, I saw a small herd of deer.  One buck one doe and a fawn.  The Buck was in velvet and had two points on each side, (so depending on if you are from the EAST and count ALL the points, or from the WEST and only count one SIDE of his rack he was either a two point or a four point Buck)  So he was just a little more than a baby himself.  He did not appear to be afraid, as I stopped the car and rolled down the window to talk to him.  He was very watchful of his family though.  

This morning about 530 I saw something move just over my fence in Lea’s yard, and I looked again and saw two tall ears, so I thought it was a deer,  And I went out on the deck just in time to see a large Coyote with a very full coat and big bushy tail try to peek over the top of the fence.  I am so glad Sadie was not awake yet, she would have been breakfast!  He/she was really close to the house, so I shooed it away.  That troubles me.  I have a 6’ fence on three sides of my yard, but Lea only has a 5’ one on her side, and in the back it is broken down, so they can walk right in from the woods.

On my way back from town it started to rain, and it poured for about an hour.  Now it is cold and wet and windy,   Even the weatherman says it is colder than normal for July.  IT figures, I planted three tomato plants.  They have 3 blooms on them, but no tomatoes!  Too cold!  Ah well…

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