Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday evening...

If I did not know better, I would SWEAR it is late Autumn right now. THe sky is cloudy, and smells like rain, and the wind is coming from the west in heavy gusts.
Seattle was hot today in the middle 80's, but We have been cold. THere are leaves falling off the alders already, and the Hummingbirds are gone! It is still dark at 415, and just yesterday it was light at 345! I think this might be the year that summer forgot.


I know that we will probably get hot real soon, and I will be complaining about the heat, I know it. But the weather has been very different this year.

Bob is buying a woodstove, for his house, and we are going to drive over and pick it up. It is a wood stove/cookstove, able to accept a wok, and it even has an oven on the bottom of it so he can bake biscuits. (yeah right!) He bought a gas stove and never ever used the oven, in fact he sold it to my daughter, and it still had the tape on the racks inside! all he cooks is one pot dinners, and when he gets tired of those, he either goes out for dinner or comes over here. But now he has decided that he wants this Bakers Choice Stove, and the outlet is in Troy, Montana. Waaay up there right next to Canada, and just over the Idaho border. SHould be a two day trip...1 day over, and one day back. We are thinking about taking my car, as his does not have A/C, and the eastern part of the state is fire cracker hot! I am gonna have to write about his house some won't believe it.

I am looking forward to getting off this island! I need a fix of Mountain scenery!

I had a nice surprise this morning when I read my comments...Dorothy is back!! I would link to her, but I remember what happened last time some one did that, so I wont unless she says I can!! ;) She is a really neat lady who has been through two years of Hell, and is coming out the otherside just fine! She is a tough lady, just like I knew she would be! I am soo glad she is back blogging again. Now if only we can get Kris and Kim back! Soon...

OH YEAH!!! I got a new show!!! I will be Producing an off season show for Dottie in October, Thornton WIlder's OUR TOWN. AN easy no scenery play that everyone remembers from high school. Oughta be fun. ANd Rusty contacted me yesterday and asked me to Produce FOREVER PLAID for her in June! It seems one of our season shows DIrectors has dropped out, and Rusty had said she would do FOrever Plaid, so VOILA!! It is a really funny show. So I feel so much better about being turned down as a DIrector for this year. At least I still have my hand in it. WHEW!!

Off to the Hot soaky bath and then to bed...

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