Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Today my sweet little Sadie became a Killer! Or almost anyway. I am waiting for Bob to bring my car back so I can take her catch to the vet, and see how badly it is hurt.

My grey squirrel Suzie, had babies this spring, and for the past week, one of them has been frequenting the bird feeder. It can run and jump and climb, and stays out of Sadies way.


Today, She didn’t. I went out because Sadie was yapping like she does when she has Lola treed. She had the baby in her mouth and was flipping it around and shaking it. I finally got it away from her and it’s little rear leg is broken I think.

I put it on a branch to see if it would resuscitate, and it kinda did. I then got the cat carrier and have it in there with some food and water to see if she survives. She may have a broken back, as she fell off the table trying to escape, and could not get up. Her front half works fine. So maybe there is hope. Maybe not. Anyway, If the vet is still open when Bob gets back, I am gonna take it in and see what if anything can be done.


I am all for letting nature take it’s course, and if it had run away I would just let it be. But I am not gonna let Sadie get the pleasure of finishing it off. She knows I am really pissed at her! And if it is ok in the morning, I will take it into the woods and turn it loose, so Momma can do what can be done.

I am such a sucker!! I should live on a farm and work for a Vet. No I shouldn’t either. I’d have to bring home every hurt critter there was!

Bad Sadie!! BAD!!! L

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