Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fun with Bob and Mary Lou...

Well! as you can tell, this is taken through the windshild of my car while we were sitting on the top of a flatbed tow truck. Motor running, A/C going full blast, and our seat belts on, While being towed 74 miles from TIger, Wa to Spokane. My car quit on us. SO Now I am home with a rental at 79.99 a day! (that was the quote, mine was really way cheaper) and my car is sitting inside the garage of Appleway Subaru Maxda waiting until Monday when the service dept re-opens. I am hoping it is something simple. It acted like it was running out of gas, and the tank was just under 1/2 full. Only when it turned left, or an incline, the rest of the time it ran great. until we started up this state highway with NO services for 75 miles! and then it coughed and spuittered and I said oh no you dont! I turned around and went 1/10 of a mile back to the junction, old museum/store, and called AAA. 107 degrees, and a broken car! WItha woodstove in the back! so this trip to save us 160.00 shipping fees is costing well into the triple digits now...600 and counting.

So we rolled up the windows, turned on the engine cranked up the air conditioning, and blasted the radio, while the tow truck driver sat in an un A/C'd cab and drove us on this newly oiled road with heat waves coming up from the new hot oil. We waved at everyone we passed, and acted like we were on parade. Not as romantic as Leslie's trip with HER man. but hey!

So tomorrow We head back over to Spokane and get ANOTHER hotel Room and wait until Monday Morning and see what they say. I say wait until they call, but Bob wants to turn the car back in so we dont get charged another day for it. (SO why didnt we just STAY in SPOKANE?)

Ah well, ANOTHER road trip!! Whee fun!

See you on Wednesday I hope.

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