Friday, July 07, 2006

San Juan Islands

Tucked up in the upper left hand corner of the United States, off shore, but still within the land mass of the North American continent, lies a group of Islands called the San Juan Islands.

In reality they are tops of underwater mountains, as the water there is very deep. During High tide most of the islands are covered with water except for the largest ones, the smaller ones being basically large rocks, that only appear during low tides. I am not sure exactly how many islands there really are, but they number in the hundreds!

The only way you can get to them is either to fly in, or take the ferry or private boat. The larger islands are quite large, and have become a major place to hide out. Either from the Papparazzi or the Law! Orcas Island has the highest property values in the whole state of Washington. THere are more millionaires there than people want to admit. San Juan Island is the County seat, and is the most populated island, and the 2nd largest. It is where the San Juan Island Pig War took place, and the border between Cananda and the United States was finally settled. Didnt know that did you?

My Son lived on Orcas Island, and the Jail was on San Juan Island. SO he has to go to trial there. Since there is no long tern holding facility there, they rent out the prisoners to Island COunty here in Coupeville, and that is where Tim has been staying. It worked out good for me because then I could see him three times a week.

On Sunday night, TIm will be flown from Whidbey Island, to San Juan Island for his sentencing on Monday morning. Then he will be flown back to Coupeville, and prepare for his transfer to the State Prison in Shelton, on the Olympic Penninsula. There he will be checked in and evaluated, for several weeks and then placed in a permanent facility. As I said yesterday he is hoping to get on with the DNR.

The San Juans are a beautiful place to visit, and are very expensive, lots of movie stars, and hollywood directors live there, and they hire the TIm's of the world to work for them. SO you have the haves, who have a LOT, and you have the have nots who have NOTHING! Why they insist on staying there I will never know. I am hoping that he will choose to NOT go back there when he gets out. Say a prayer folks...he needs one.