Wednesday, July 19, 2006

on Hiatus....

I will be gone for a few days...

going to Montana, to pick up a woodstove for Bob. To save delivery costs, I suggested we go pick it up. Then I found out the stove is really small, and only weighs 200 pounds, and would have only cost 125.00 to have it delivered to Seattle.

But Bob's logic is, it is an adventure. I guess. We are taking my car, because it gets HOT east of the Cascade Mountains, and his truck has no A/C. I can not imagine anyone now days buying a car with no A/C!! It will be a 485 mile trip over, and it is to Troy, Montana, right under the Canadian Border and just over the Idaho border. It really is just a jaunt across Washington, as Idaho up that high is really narrow.

I will be taking lots of pictures to post to, so I will see you back here on Sunday! We will be back really late on Friday. Phyllis, please dont forget to pick up Tim's stuff for me please? I am afraid they will toss it. Donna, write to your brother!

See ya!

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