Friday, July 14, 2006


My daughter in her never ending battle to get me to eat ORGANIC foods, bought some Mountain Organic Yogurt. It was good. It was healthy and it was ORGANIC.

She moved out, and with her, she took her yogurt maker. Boo-hiss!

The other week at Albertson's I noticed that they had MOuntain High original style natural Organic yogurt in VANILLA. Had not had that before, but since I needed to buy some yogurt anyway, (usually those little bitty boxes, with flavoring) I decided I would try the Vanilla flavored stuff.

I also bought a box of Kellogs fruit and flakes cereal. THe kind with peaches and strawberries all dried up into teeny tiny little hard bits of "stuff".

I poured a bowl of cereal, and instead of milk, I put two heaping spoons of vanilla flavored yogurt in it, and since my strawberry jam didnt jam like jam should jam, I put a big teaspoon of that on top of the yogurt. I stirred that all together, and MAN OH MAN!! Is it ever good!!! I doubt I will ever eat milk on my cereal again.

See Donna, I listened!

(only she says it should be a TEASPOON of cereal in the 1/2 cup of yogurt.) Phhhffftttt!!!! A person could STARVE eating like that! :)


On other notes: The floors still are not done. Waiting for the next moisture check which is next week. THe plumber came and raised the hot water and put it up on blocks so the floor would dry under that. And then dropped the bomb that it was not gonna last more than another 6 months. SWELL!


And those of you that pray, please keep Jim SIggens and Cori in your thoughts, Jim was in a terrible accident yesterday along with COri's step-dad, and Jim is in ICU with bleeding in his chest and multiple broken bones. COri-s 91 yr old Dad was driving, and missed a red light, and was broad sided. Her Dad died last night with multiple broken bones and internal injuries. Jim is one of our Character actors, and was scheduled to be in OUR TOWN in October. Jim was also in many TV commercials, and in some episodes of Twin Peaks, and Northern Exposure. He is well liked and seriously needs all your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes.