Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On to other things...

Today is Wednesday isn't it? OOPS!!!!! Guess who I forgot to go visit!! shucks!!!
I really meant to, just plain forgot!! Well now I guess he knows how it feels. I am surprised he hasnt called collect to find out where I am...

I have been really busy...finished SHerry's afghan. this is a variation on a ripple afghan, which makes it really lacy and feminine. It was fun to make. So now I am on to Bill's. I was making a Mile A Minute Afghan pattern, but It was gonna be way too small, so I am on to a GREAT GRANNY square. Which is sorta like a granny square, but different. It'll go quick too.


I was sitting there crocheting this afternoon and a big black streak right behind a little brown streak went by the door and THUNKED right into the side of the house. I went out to see what it was, and the big black dog was heading North very fast, I looked to see what he had been chasing and in behind the rose bush was a small brown tabby looking all scardey cat like. He would have been a great model for a halloween cat. BIG hump on his back and his tail looked just like a bottle brush. He was growling and hissing and would not let me touch him. He jumped again, and tried to get in my livingroom window which does not open. He saw Chitters in the window and figured that had to be safe. poor little kitty!! His name is Jupiter and he lives next door and is not allowed out. I went out just a few minutes ago and he was still there all hidey like in the weeds. I went next door when his mommie came home and she came and he right to her. I'll bet he does not go out again for awhile. I am surprised he was not hurt running into the side of the house, and falling into the old stickery rose bush.

He was out one other time, and was trying to eat off the Hors d'ourve tray in the back yard. Tonight on the local news they were showing the humane shelter in Tacoma that was going to have to Euthanize 350 cats and kittens because there were too many of them and they cant find homes for them. OH GOD! I am soooo glad I dont live close to Tacoma. I am afraid I would have to go down and get the mama and 6 8 day- old kittens they had. I am a SUCKER for kittens. You all know that. They are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I love them when they are still wet from afterbirth. THe kittens I raise are SPOILED kitties too.

THis weekend is the last showing of THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL, and then I have nothing on my plate at the Playhouse. I dont know what I am gonna do with my time. I have done at LEAST 2 shows a year for 6 years! WAHHHHH!!!!

Maybe I'll just finish the stuff around my house. I could always learn how to make Pysanky eggs, as I just found out that my friend Barbara has the whole shee-bang and does them too. Nancy over at Kaymusings made mine and they are gorgeous!!!

TOnight is Amazing Race!! Whoot! gotta keep routing for the hippies!! they are so funny!!!

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