Monday, May 29, 2006

Im Tired!

Well I have finished painting the kitchen. Two trips into the paint store to get the right color and I end up mixing the color myself. I wanted a granny smith apple green, and the first color was too dark, and the 2nd color was too light and the mixing the two was too blue, so I added some yellow left over from the living room, and Voila!! granny smith green!! I left the cabinets oak for right now, but soon they will go under cover too I think. I would like White enamel, Which I think would look really great with the green. We shall see. I still need to get the ceilings painted in the kitchen and the great room before the floors get put in. Unfortunately I cant raise my arm over my shoulder for very long and I have a huge ceiling to paint. I am going to try and get the kitchen ceiling done tonight, and then stop until tomorrow. I have the paint for the utility room and the hall bathroom, but those can be done after the ceilings are all painted.

DOnna brought Bill's big honking Dodge over on Saturday and we took two loads to the dump and one load to the thrift shop. She took home the old gas BBQ, only needs new gas tank and hook ups. Her husband will be thrilled. Next thing is hoping that the sun shimes tomorrow so I can get the yard mowed. It has rained every day since Mothers Day!! THe rain has been great for the roses though! Everyone of them is just busting with buds, and the first sunny day is gonna be something. My WIsteria is putting out thousands of huge blooms, and in the middle of the night they waft the most delicious sweet scent into the bedroom.

Let me now go try to paint the ceiling in the kitchen, if I cant get very far tonight, I will go take a hot shower and wash my hair and get on it again tomorrow. If I goop mineral ice on my shoulder tonight maybe I can get about a rooms worth done tomorrow...ANybody wanna come help? THe house is a wreck, but I know good jokes!! I can watch you paint while I make you laugh!!

Aw well...

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