Sunday, May 21, 2006

Spring green

At first glance this looks like a really green batch of freshly mown hay, but if you look VERY close, you will see tiny black dots sitting on the ground and on all of the fence posts.

These, are Adult Bald Eagles. There were 10 of them in this field, but my camera doesn't show them good enough. The farmer had just mown the field, and the eagles follow the farmer and gather their dinners while it is still warm. You see there are baby bunnies and baby coyotes, and baby cats and all sorts of mice and voles and rats that live in these fields. When Mr. Farmer takes his magic mowing machine down the rows of hay, Momma critter runs, but the babies get chopped up like hamburger. Eagles being the dirty scavengers that they are, take advantage of this action and eat the freshly killed offal while still warm. THe baby Eagles have not fledged yet, or there would be many more dark dots in this field. SOon the Eaglets will fly and they will take advange of the 2nd mowing, and the 2nd litter. But right now Mom and Dad Eagle bring them their dinner. Nature cleans up after itself right handily.

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