Monday, May 15, 2006


So yesterday, DOnna came over and mowed my yard, and her husband helped, and Bob and I watched. I cooked a turkey for dinner, and I got to clean up the kitchen!!

I was so tired, I went to bed right after WEST WING FINALE (PHHFFTTT) and was laying there reading when I heard a cat scream out in the back. I jumped out of bed to see which one had escaped, and was 1/2 way down the hall when I went SPLASH!!! WHA....?


I ran into 2 " of water in my livingroom. I have a pergo laminate floor and it should not have been wet!! My washer had popped the drain hose off the washer, and water was running everywhere in the front of my house. THe Kitchen, DIning room, Living room and bedroom was flooded!! I went into the utility room and saw that water was running out the back door too. I turned off the washer, and grabbed all the towels I could find. I spread them over the floor in clumps to form a dam, so it would not fgo to the back of the house and flood the office and Master bedroom. THANK GOD it did not go down the garage steps, that would have been an AWFUL MESS!


I called Bob and woke him up, and he came over to help me sploosh out the water. I borrowed a wet-vac from Lea next door, and that really helped. I guess I will have to save up for one of those wonder toys!! Been meaning to, just never thought Id need one!

SO from 1130 until 300 I was sweeping and throwing wet towels and water out the back door! My floor is buckling! I called State Farm right away last night, and they said to keep track of everything, which I am going to do as soon as I get this done.


I will have to replace all the laminate flooring, as water is under the floor and squishing up through the seams. THe rugs in the bedroom are going to have to come out, the pads will have to go, the linoleum in the kitchen and utility room is ruined, and I fell! HARD on my knees, and Bob had the audacity to laugh!

I called Phyllis this morning to tell her and she, being the Pollyana that she is says WOW< YOU GET A NEW FLOOR> THe people in my life love to laugh at me.

Seriously, I really did not get upset, for some strange reason. Usually I would be POSTAL! I am so sore from falling, bruised, and my back and knees are so sore, but I have to work through this, and get as much of the wetness out of the house before it starts to mildew. State Farm should be giving me a call shortly.

So If I am not on the net for awhile, you know where to find me, sweeping water, drying towels and replacing floors and oriental rugs. Thank GOD it isnt raining!


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