Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another 3 weeks to dry...

I went in today to pick out the flooring and the carpet, and they came out to check on the prep work that needs to be done on the underlayment. It seems the floor is still not dry! Another three weeks at the least, and they will have to tear up the underlayment on the bedrooms too. (ugh!)

Meanwhile, I am painting every day until I cant take the pain any more, then I stop. Tonight it was only a 1/2 a wall. I am trying to repaint the FIreplace Wall, I added some Yellow to the Terracotta paint that is on it already, (only 1/2 way of course) ANd it took 3 coats to cover up the old color, but it is much nicer! SO TOmorrow I will have to try and wedge my fat ass between the qwoodstove and the wall to paint the alcove, and then on to the bookcase wall.

Then The Ceiling will need to be done, and the Living room will be ready for flooring. THis will probably take me at least a week just to get the walls done and another week to get the ceiling done. I am so surprised that the shoulder is not sore, but my back is terribly sore. ANd today walking through the Navy Exchange, my left leg gave out on me and I almost fell. If you can have a root canal on a tooth and it is fine, why cant you have a root canal on a sciatic nerve? Or a discectomy? (is there such a thing?)

Microsoft offered a special deal for military personnel, and offered a special package of Microsoft office 2003 for only 49.99! SO I went in to get one for my laptop as I have no word processor on it other than notes, and I need it. I get home, get it opened and find out that I have Windows ME NOT windows 2000! ARRGGHHH!!
So Now I have this software that I cant use, and no money to buy windows 2000 or XP!! if ME stands for Millenium Edition, and 2000 is the new millenium, why dont they work?

I looked for an upgrade on line, and could not find one!

Hey Herman, I will TRY to write a nice spring like post this coming weekend! Spring in the Pacific North West is gorgeous! And I will post MY tulip pictures too.

Anyone close enough to get here, I will cook if you paint...Anji! If you come over and paint, I PROMISE I wont make you spill the paint!! ;) Thanks for the offers guys!!! I'll get there, but first you have to listen to me grumble!! I do that very well!!!

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