Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Never bite the hand that feeds ya!

I have absolutely nothing to say about the picture, or the title, I just thought it was cute.

Tim talked with the COurt appointed lawyer today, and since he is pleading guilty to selling a controlled substance to an undercover agent, He is probably looking at 36 months in prison. His lawyer said that there are ways to get that sentence reduced, especially since Tim is well known and liked in the community. He is a hard worker, and he is a NICE man. Not really smart, but nice. ANd his lawyer said that he was the niceset drugie he had ever seen. Tim admited to me tonight that he has taken Meth, but not often. (I thought you could not take it recreationally, as it is so addicting) But what do I know, I am just a mom. I did raise him right though, and it was way after he left home that he got into drugs.

It still sits like a stone in my gut! My little baby boy that I worried over because he was so big and developmentally slow. and now he is 6'5" a grown man, and going to prison! SHIT!! It still hurts. It will really be bad when He leaves here and goes to where ever they are going to send him. Ah well, I will cross that bridge when We get to it.

OHMIGAWD!! There is a 100 year old man on Jay Leno that looks better than most 80 year olds do!! And he just read a poem he wrote, about false teeth and oral sex!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL Men are all alike no matter what their age I guess. (and he just got married 5 years ago.) He is the world champion Table tennis player. 7 times!!!

I am cat sitting for tippy and Tyler again. DOttie will be gone for 5 weeks and I take care of her cats while she is gone. Talk about someone who looks good! She is 73, lives alone, still works at the Hallmark shop in the mall, drives, directed the Caine Mutiny COurt Martial, and smokes like a chimney! she is a wonder! I wish I was as limber and healthy as she is right now! ANyway, The cats are hiding in the garage, THey will be in there for about 3 days until Sadie quits barking at them when they head into the house. Then they will tkae over the place. Tippy likes to sit on the top of my tower and watch me blog. SHe is siamese and chirps like a bird! Normally siamese yowl really loud, but not tippy. Tyler is a black cat that Tippy adopted while they were in the shelter. He was just a kitten, and When DOttie went to adopt Tippy, she took Tyler too, and he is a hoot. RIght now he is too busy growling to be petted, but I will wake up with him in bed with me, purrring and drooling and making mudpies in my boob!

Sorry I have not got the frame of mind to write a good post, maybe tomorrow. maybe not. Too much on my mind to be creative. (worry worry worry worry)

THink I will go get lost in a book.

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