Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last Saturday...

Actually it was Friday come to think about it. I had just come from seeing The SHithead. and took the long way home, along the Keystone spit, and along the beach front and the ponds in Admirals Cove. I was on a mission, looking for baby ducks or geese, as n several bunches from the highway, and could not stop to take pictures. I knew the ponds would have some.

At the South end of the pond I finally found a pair of Mallards, but the geese were way up the pond yet. and no babies! :(

I drove up where I could pull out and honked at the geese and they came swimming up for a bite of anything. I waakwaakwaaked at them and they talked back. SO I walked down to the water to get their pictures and they came right up.

I heard off in the distance a faint peep peep peep getting louder and louder, and off in the middle of the lake was a dark spot coming towards the shore really fast, leaving a wake! I waaked again, and the Peep got louder and then I could make out the baby! only one baby in the big big pond, and no parents anywhere close.

I am assuming that since he is sooo little, that he just hatched and found his way to the water, and the rest of the brood was still in the process, and it had to bed Dad down at the South end.

This little baby swam right up to me and wanted me to take him home, I knew that I should not touch him, but Oh I so wanted to. He let me get his picture, and I let him get as close as he could with out getting out of the water. THe geese were not paying him any attention at all, but soon Mom and Dad Mallard swan up closer to see what all the fuss was about. He swam over to them, but they turned and swam away. Poor baby. I left him there peeping and swimming after the Mallards, assuming that soon he would be adopted or found one or the other.

It was so relaxing out there, the sun was warm, and the breeze was cool, just like I like it. Little did I know that 2 days later things would get really wet around my place. Little baby duck would have been able to swim in the living room!!!

Isn't he CUTE?

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