Friday, May 26, 2006

A different perspective...

Things always look better after a storm!! I debated about whining on line, but I just had to. Unfortunately my entire family reads me, so they got the brunt of the whine. I did not mean for that to happen. I was just venting,

Donna called and is coming tomorrow with Bills truck to take the crap to the dump and the other crap to the thrift store. Which meant I had to cancel my date tonight and get the two piles of crapola ready to go. I was filthy when done, but I did get the garage cleaned out, and the yard junk all in a pile.

I got all of the rugs washed, and it looks like I only lost one of the runners, but I can mend it and still use it on the new floors. I had forgotten they were wet and laying in the back yard, and they stunk to high heaven!! They are now neatly folded on a chair with a cat on top of them!

I still need to scrub the garage floor, but that can wait. The Drive way is full of junk.

Now I can concentrate on painting the ceilings and the walls before the floors go down.

Floors-plus called and I have an appointment with them either Tuesday or Wednesday next week to pick out colors and styles. AHHHHHH I am starting to breathe again.

The Kitchen was a fluorescent green (kiwi green) and I only painted one wall, but I had to change the color, because I was afraid I would grow tired of it. I LOVE color, I just have NO sense of style AT ALL!! :)

the yard will just have to wait until the rest of this is done. I am not too worried about that anyway. Grass grows. It will die back in October!

I thank all of you for your kind words during my melt down. I don't often do this, but when I do.....Whew! And which one of you is signing in as "anonymous?" Just curious.

I even did not go visit the Errant son today!! Shame on me. I needed to get this done first, He isn't going anywhere...At least not for a while...

I thank GOD for my daughter. She is a sweetie!! I guess she was just the impetus I needed to get motivated. Thank You Donna. (Wiggles!!!)

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