Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flood part deaux...or maybe its tres...

yesterday all of the insurnce people, and service master people came and went. THey tore out all the flooring, all the vinyl, and all the carpets, and the underlayment in the kitchen and the utility room. THen they crawled under the house and shooed away all the critters, and ripped out all of the insulation in the crawl space. Tomorrow they will put fans UNDER the house to dry up the puddles under there. It appears that the subfloor will survive, even though it is wet, The particle board under the carpets and the laminate did not howevert. Swelled up like a pregnant cat!

Today they came and ripped out the hall bathroom, toilet and all, which is now sitting right smack in the middle of my drive way. Classy place eh?

The carpet lady was out and measured everything, and said that they should have the tests of my old flooring and carpet back by Monday, and they would then know which products I should choose. I had them go ahead and measure my bedroom too, as that is the only room in the house left! And you all have heard the horror stories of my renters while I was stationed in Fallon, Nv. So if it does not cost too awful much, I will have it replaced too, otherwise I will just paint the Underlayment and seal it really good. It will really be nice once the work is all complete around the middle of June. (you gotta realize folks, we are not a dry part of the country, and the dehumidifiers are working overtime right here.) Once everything is thoroughly dry, they will replace the insulation, and the flooring and carpet.

I have the MOTHER of all Head aches right now, all caused from lack of sleep and stress. I went in to see TIm this afternoon, and he said I looked like HELL> He did not know what the Heck had happened. He was rightfully shocked!

I asked the service corp to hook the washer and dryer back up so I can get the wet towels and carprt washed and dried, but they forgot, so now I have to squeeze my FAT ASS between the wall and the dryer and lay on my side with my arms over my head to try and tape down the dryer vent. The retard that built this house must never have had to hook up one of those suckers. He was probably like my husband was, and everytime there was a move to be made, he had to pull duty, so I had to hook up and disconnect everything. He was usless with household chores.

If I get a good nights sleep tonight, and the service guys dont come back and start banging again, I will tell you about the cute duck tale!!

HAve a great day you all!! and send good vibes my way please!!

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