Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's your turn...

In doing my Blogwalk the past few days, I have noticed that either EVERYBODY is getting really tired of blogging, or they have not much to say. I on the otherhand, Have a LOT to say, and I am not tired of blogging. I have cut back a bit, because I can not get it all out on paper. I feel like it is blocked, right up there. I can think it, I can formulate it, I just can not get it typed!

My hands have been hurting really bad lately, so maybe my fingers are constipated. All the words that I want to type are all stuck in the joints of my hands, and can not make it out to the keyboard.

I was thinking that it maight be fun if you all told ME what you wanted to read about me or my life. Then I might be able to break the blockage and get it all out. I have plenty of white out, and I know how to use the delete key and the backspace key, so if I have an accident, I can clean it up.

So, if you would tell me what part of my life you want to know about, I will try to pick one and go with it, then the next one and so on until everyone has their requests answered.

I have:
Been overseas 3 times, all by Naval transport.
Been a minority in school
Been married to a bigamist. (yes, really)
Lived in the aleution islands
Lived on Islands most of my life

Been born into a Military family and have only been a civilian for about 7 years.
Worked for the US Government for 37 years
Always wanted to homestead in the wilderness.
Loved to sing…
Always been a big woman.
Been married twice.
Always loved animals.
Always been fiecrely independent
Always wanted to happily married and taken care of. (LOLOLOLOLOL)
Always loved science and nature

So you all now have plenty of subjects to pick. You can even pick my ancestors, politics,(although you may not agree) views on immigration, views on the war, views on drugs, (yeah RIGHT!!!)
Just about anything you want to know about. I do have censorship rights though. And I will not do anything illegal.

Whatcha wanna hear? Who’s gonna be FIRST??


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