Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yikes where did it go?

I cant believe it is very Early on Sunday morning and I have not posted since Wednesday! This week has just flown by. Visiting Errant son, trying to call lawyer for him (no Im not paying!) trying to get the yard all mowed before it rains again...(too late, it is poring as I type and I still have about 100 SF left to do.) Getting everything wrapped up for the show, and keeping my kitchen clean and my laundry done, and there ya go...Sunday already!

My desktop PC is ready to crash I think. Or my modem is. anyway it is getting really really cranky and telling me I have no more disk space on c...well I have almost 1GB left. I have over 60 left on D. And on my last computer I didnt even HAVE 1 GB total and it worked. THis one is partitioned, and I have 15 GB on C and 65 GB on D drive. so I moved all my documents and work to D and took all my pictures off and put them on CD's and I STILL dont have any space. When I go to defrag it tells me there isnt enough room to do it right. So now I have to save up enough to have my guru John, come fix it. There are applications on there that I never use, and I thought I uninstalled and deleted them but they are still there. He can fix that. I hope. And I do need a new modem, so it wont keep kicking me off everytime I am downloading a file. (bastard Dial up) I had my fairy godmother put my spring summer banner up but I gave her the wrong one, so now I have to find what I did with the RIGHT one and then sweet talk her into switiching it again for me. I can be such a pain I know!

I was going to post a picture of the grey squirrel hanging upside down on the suet feeder, but I am on my tummy in bed, using my laptop, and dont have that capability here.

I am so mad at the network Television people. This year is the first year in a decade or so that I actually sat down to watch tv, and I have certain showsw that I look forward to, and now the networks have moved them all over the place, so if I do find them, they are on opposite something else I watch. Or in the case of COMMANDER IN CHIEF, they cancelled it!! left us hanging and cancelled it! I wish I still got CBC! at least they were pretty consistent.

It has been really nice weather here this week, cool but nice and sunny. and cold at night. done to freezing a few nights. TOnight it is raining, and tomorrow it is sposed to still be, but then 9 days of sunshine. I shouold be able to get my yard in some semblance of order in that amount of time. It has really been rough on my back and knees. I have a power drive mower, but when you use it it goes so fast that It jerks my back and hurts, so i just use it in push mode, At least it is short enough that I can see Sadie again...FOR AWHILE THERE SHE WAS LOST IN THE WEEDS! (pardon the typos, but I cant get used to this tiny keyboard. My fingers are usweed to reaching for the letters and here on this one I have to watch it, cause I will hit control or home and mean to hit caps or enter, makes for weird reading.

Tonight I was sposed to go in and strike the show, but last night we ate chineses, and it has me sticking very close to the bathroom today. So I did not go in. I am now through. I have no other shows on my docket...(SNIFF) maybe something will show up soon, but I think not. The directors that were picked have their own staff, so unless someone backs out, I am going to be staying home and saving gas. I am going to miss it like crazy, but maybe I can get my scrapbooks done. I have plans to make one for Donna and one for Tim, and then of course mine, but Who knows when that will get done. Michelle, You need to send me your list of stuff, or your website, so I can see what you are selling. ( as if I could afford anything anyway.)

Tim still has no idea what is going to happen to him, he still has not seen his lawyer. He goes to court May 22, but does not know if that is sentenciing or what. He thinks he will get at least a year maybe 3 in prison. But he plans to see if he can plead it down. (?) If it is too far away, like Walla Walla or Monroe, I will only go see him once a month or so. It costs too much to drive that far for a 1 hour visit. He'll just have to deal with it. I know I will probably have to store his stuff in the garage, but that isnt much any more. He actually said yesterday that Mom I am 34, it is time I got on with the rest of my life, and did something with it." YA THINK? He is slow...I just hope I dont get his cat...Sandy will have to deal with that. Hey, do they have computer access in prison? Maybe we can get him to start a blog... THERE AIN'T NO CURE FOR Tim Yeah. That sounds pretty good. :)

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