Thursday, February 01, 2007

whoo-hoo I got on!!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 630 which is waaay early for me. I took a look out my window and could see that it was just a little foggy. I dozed until 700 turned on TODAY and sat and watched the night fade into morning. The fog disappeared, and the eastern edge ever so slightly got pink. Just as it was pinking up, wisps of fog made their way through the trees, like tiny clouds. The edges of the trees were turning gold, so I knew that the sun couldn’t be too far behind. Suddenly there was a golden fog over everything. Not thick like pea soup, but light and airy like angels wings. It was beautiful. I watched the frost actually form on the wisteria and the fence top, then slowly drip into oblivion as it warmed up. The whole process of frost, then melt took maybe 20 minutes.

Just as the frost started melting, the birds woke up and then the feeders were covered with juncos and chickadees and doves. I rolled over onto my side to see if Sadie was awake yet, and she had crawled out of her pen, and was on the pillow right next to me with her head also on the window sill, just watching like I was. When she saw me look at her, she was ready to go out. That took care of the birds for a few minutes while she peed.

As I drove into Oak Harbor last evening, The sun had just gone behind the Olympics and was turning a pretty pink. Just as I rounded the curve to head east. I got a glimpse of the almost full moon, and Mt Baker just to the left of it. OH soooo pretty! I went on to my meeting at the Playhouse, did my errands, stopped at Albertson’s and headed home. The Moon was still high and bright, and as I shot over the top of Sherman Hill and headed in towards Coupeville, I looked over to my right at the Olympics and almost ran off the road. They were incredible!! The night was dark, so the Mountains should not have been visible but the very tops of them still had a good snow covering on them and the moonlight hit the snow and lit it up just maybe two shades lighter than the rest of the night. It looked like an island floating above the Penninsula. INCREDIBLE!

I stopped at Phyllis’ to pick up the catfood that Elliott can’t eat, and headed home. Coming down through the flats and the farm land around Crockett Lake every star in the sky was hanging like it was put there just for me. Incredible.

These are the moments, folks, that just take my breath away and make me so glad to be alive. Incredible….

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