Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Opinion wednesday...on hold

I know I told you that I was going to opine about something every Wednesday, and I intend to do so, but not THIS wednesday. My allergies are kicking my ASS, and I can not keep my eyes open and my nose clear much less THINK about anything worthwhile.
THese are a couple of pictures that Donna took with her Cell phone last Friday night. It was Bob's 67th Birthday, and this was him with his napkin perfectly folded like a crown, but perched on his head...cute huh?

This one is of me. My allergies were just starting to hit, as you can tell by my eyes. I can't wear makeup anymore, because it just runs down my face, so I dont even try. What the hell, I'm 61, I can do what I want. Anyway we were waiting for our dinner at this super nice Thai restaurant, and I am sure they were duly impressed by our antics. Food was great too!

I will continue with my opinion next week if I feel any better. SOrry, I know that you all were just sitting there with bated breath waiting for it. Such is life. I have dissapointed JimBob once again...SIGH

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