Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hockey night in Everett!

GUESS WHERE I WENT TONIGHT? My very first Hockey Game! My Daughter was able to get tickets through her work, and invited Bob and I to the Everett Silvertips hockey game. We got there just as the game started, and the lights were all out except for the spotlights on the flags. THey sang OH! Canada first, followed by the Star Spangled Banner, then the lights went crazy and the teams took the ice. We had not found our seats yet, but we just sat where there were some empty seats and enjoyed the game.

We are part of the wESTERN HOCKEY League which has about 25 teams I think, and only 5 from the US, the rest are Canadian. We played Kelowna tonight. What a great game! I just wish I knew what the rules were, as It would have made the game easier to understand. The place was rocking all night, and of course when we scored, the noise level was beyond anything. Cowbells and alpen horns!! Not to mention screams and organ music! It was great!!

I will have to make sure I go back again. I think the season is just about over for this year, but next season, gotta go! It made for a very long day, we left my house at 4PM and got home at Midnight. But DOnna treated us to dinner at this fabulous Thai restaurant and then on to the game.

we won, by a shootout! and I tell you, it was a nail biter all the way!! The young man pictured below is the one who put the winning puck into the goal. LOVED IT!! I cant believe how much better you can see the action on the ice from the arena vs television. I think I need to buy a season ticket.

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