Sunday, February 04, 2007


We drove Over and saw Tim again today. A cold dreary, misty drippy day. But it was a nice drive. Bob was finally cleared to visit, so he went over with me which really helped! The drive was not nearly as bad! My back was spasming bad, so he drove most of the time.

When we left Port Angeles and started around Lake Crescent, the sky lowered. The water was still as glass, reflecting the gray clouds and dark mountains into it. There were still trees laying everywhere from our Fall wind storm, but the drive was beautiful. The rain drops were spotting the water clear across the lake. It was so cool.

We got into O.C.C. and went and signed in at the visitors desk and they called Tim to come on down. They are really relaxed there, as it is the minimum security Prison, and everyone there is on good behavior. They have it really good. Microwaves, and tv's and semi private rooms and they even get paid for working!! .40 an hour! and if they have to work on Friday, they get paid overtime! .60 an hour!! LOLOLOL ah well, keeps them honest! He came in with a full beard! ACK!! that is not my clean shaven good looking kid! he laughed. Said it was just to see what it would look like.

Several of you asked about my email address. I posted it over there in the side bar. take out the words and replace them with the symbols and you got it.

Off to bed now, as I have to clean house big time tomorrow.

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