Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In My Opinion....

I think I am going to take this blog into a different direction…at least for 1 day a week. I am going to make Wednesdays the day right smack in the middle of the week when I say what is on my mind. It will be a brief peek into my sick little mind. My views may change from week to week depending on the stars, and whether or not I have taken my Zoloft. I have a giant list of subjects that I want to write about, but I want to ease into this slowly, so I don’t scare myself, of my readers off. Some of my opinions will be quite surprising to most of you, and not so much to others. I will try desperately NOT to offend you, but if I do, I am sorry. It would not be my intention to do so, but merely getting a long buried opinion out of my convoluted brain.

Some of the subjects that are festering in there are: News media, political correctness, bigotry, personal responsibility, medical insurance, Doctors, Real estate developers, immigration, gasoline prices, global warming, the Iraq war, spanking your children, network TV schedules, Education, the WASL, (a test that all high school seniors MUST pass in order to graduate) and anything else that might just pop out in a moment of illucidness. These might be funny, sad, incendiary or a combination. It is for sure that they will be MY OWN opinions, and more than likely won’t be that well written. I have a tendency to make up my mind about something and then not be able to defend my thoughts. Thus my political positions. I don’t know why I think the way I do. One thing for sure, you never know what will be popping up! Any subjects that you would like to see me opine about?

So now you have had fair warning, so give me a week to get my thoughts in order, and then tune in folks! Oughta be fun if I can pull this off.

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