Friday, February 02, 2007

A lost blogger...FOUND!

All of you know how I keep track of people I like and have disappeared, well TXOCEANLOVER was one of those people. He stopped blogging suddenly in October and there were some very unsettled things in his life. I sent him several emails, And heard nothing, so me and my big mouth sent one more. To the Tune of Get your lazy ass back on the net. And he sent me this answer…with permission to post it. So for those of you who, like me, was worried about David, here ya go.

Mary Lou

My sincere apologies for not answering before now. It just shows you what I
am going through. I cannot make myself doing anything despite knowing that
I have tons to do. You should see the things on my desk that I NEED to do,
but I just stare at them day after day. The same goes with the computer and
especially the blog. I know I should go back to it, but I can't even make
myself hit the link to see if it still works.

The last year just took so much out of me - the unexpected and untimely
death of a dear sister-in-law, the huge numbers of problems associated with
my mother-in-law, her move to Austin, the birth of Ella and the problems
associated with her cleft palate, and the problems with the youngest
daughter. All of them just flat wore me down.

I hardly ever see my grandkids any more -especially the three boys of the
youngest - since she moved in with the boys other grandmother. The others
are hard to see as well as they live 20 miles away and are in school. I did
see a lot of Ella going to and from the pediactric dentist in San Antonio
each week.

Speaking of Ella - she made it through her first surgery to repair lip and
nose and she looks tons better, but still has a ways to go. That was so
tough to see her go through that and the hard two weeks with her arms
restrained. But she appears to be an intelligent and happy baby and even
loves to talk on the phone anytime it is in her Mom's hands.

I have started back to the gym - have 30 pounds to lose. For the longest
time I could not make myself even go work out and I feel every pound of it.
I have also rejoined weight watchers to motivate me. So there is a little
progress there.

I most certainly miss those in the blog world that I came to respect and
enjoy. I am not certain if I will come back - I have mixed feelings about
that. I certainly would welcome emails although I find it hard to sit down
and type replies. I often wonder how each and every one is doing.

Thank you so much for checking on me and feel free to post this to our
friends if you wish.

I wish you the best.


I would like to see him get back on the blogwalk, but then I am not as good at it as I used to be either. I quit worrying about making sure I haven't offended anyone, or making sure I post every day, or so on, I just post for me, and you all are the cream that comes in the gravy! I am so grateful for blog friends! They keep me sane.

or not.

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