Friday, February 09, 2007

DAMN Hewlett Packard!!

I have been babying my printer along until payday as I can only afford 1 set of print cartridges a month. SO Yesterday I went in to Office Max to get my monthly supply. I have an HP Photosmart 3150 all in one printer that copies, prints and scans. It is really nice. I used to have a Photosmart 1000 that I lieterally wore out. Over 15000 pages out of it. and the Cartridges lasted a LOONG TIME.

I now use 92 or 93 and they are a lot cheaper and a WHOLE lot smaller. Much better color though. SO I go in and grab my usual cartridges, get them home and open them. Both of them. I inserted them and sat back waiting for the test page and calibration page to p[op out, only to discover that a box popped up telling me that I had the wrong cartridges in both slots. HRMMMM says I. I thought I did it correctly, opened the door to find that I indeed had them installed in the correct spaces according to the little diagrams that come on them. I pulled them out, and re installed them only to get the same pop up. Wrong cartridges in wrong spots. SO I pulled them out, and then looked at the old ones,. LOOKED EXACTLY the same, fit in exactly the same spots only they were off by one fricking number!! I had purchased a 94-95 twin pack, and I needed the 92-93 twin pack. ARRRGHHHH Why would a company make different cartriges for two printers, when they both look exactly alike and even fit properly? THey just are coded differently. Had they been totally different, then I would have only opened the ONE and still been able to return the OTHER>

I will take these back to Office Max tomorrow, but how much you wanna bet they tell me to eat beans? Why would they give me the right ones when It was my own stoopid fault for not paying attention to the fact that their cartridges look EXACTLY ALIKE???>?


on another note, if you have not seen the Guardian with Kevin Costner and cutie pie whatshis name. You need to rent it. It is GOOD!!!!

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